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Phil Biermaier



I'm Philip Biermaier, and I'm running for the ISD 200 School Board this upcoming fall. As a graduate of the class of 1983, a lifelong resident of Hastings, and a former business owner, I am driven to contribute to the community that has been my home for all of my 58 years.


Having also served as a former Union President, I deeply understand the significance of supporting the membership not only financially, but also in various other capacities. With experience in budget management from both the private business sector and my role as a union leader, I am well-prepared to make a positive impact.


With your support, I am committed to elevating educational standards and fostering an environment where more students can establish a robust educational foundation for their future endeavors. My goal is to ensure that their accomplishments are acknowledged and that they are well-equipped for life after high school. It is crucial that we prioritize education and instill in young individuals the belief that they can achieve greatness, rather than lowering expectations.


As a father of three children who are all proud graduates of Hastings High School, I have a personal stake in the success of our school district. I understand the importance of providing a quality education that prepares students for the challenges of the modern world.


I envision a district where families contemplating a move here are enticed by the impressive statistics that reflect our thriving community. I am humbled to be a candidate, standing not as a part of a group, but as an individual who firmly believes in our potential for improvement.


Whether you choose to vote for me or not, I encourage you to exercise one of our most powerful rights as parents: the ability to vote. It is time to forge ahead, leaving behind past circumstances and focusing on providing our youth with the quality education they deserve.


Biermaier Family
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